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Title Search & Examination

One of the first steps in the title process involves some investigative work. As your title company, we will do some research to learn about the history of the property you are purchasing. This is commonly referred to as a title search.

The results of this search will show the home’s past ownership details and should uncover any potential red flags that could halt the home sale or refinance.

A title search is essentially an in-depth examination of a property’s history to determine and confirm its legal ownership.

Fix any errors and resolve title issues

Will work with you to obtain the necessary information and documents needed to remove exceptions to title that might otherwise prevent or delay your real estate closing.

Issue Title Insurance

Once we are confident that your property is free of title defects, we then move forward to schedule your traction for settlement so that we can issue title insurance policies. A lender’s title insurance policy protects the financial interests of your new lender and they often required that a policy is issued to protect their new mortgage.

Settlement and signing

Once the title is deemed clear we can then schedule a closing date, also known as the settlement date. We will work with your lender to prepare the closing paperwork.



After your closing date, we then submit your new deed and mortgage for recording at the county records office. At this point, we will disburse funds for the transaction.  We pay any open unpaid taxes, and homeowners insurance (if applicable) and other charges which have been collected from the parties at closing.  If you’re refinancing, we will pay off your previous mortgage and for a cash-out mortgage refinance, send you funds.


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